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5 Ways to Love the Space You're In

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Now, more than ever it’s important to create a space that can be our sanctuary. We rely on our homes for inspiration, nourishment, productivity, and most of all, comfort. 

Find 5 tips below that don't require a lot of time, money, or new stuff to bring calm while breathing new life into your space.

1. Bring the outside in. Adding plants, branches, flowers or any type vegetation to your space will add interest and serenity.

I bought these branches (left) at the corner bodega to add some green and life to an otherwise sterile bathroom. Now, when I walk in I want to stay awhile. The hanging plant is one of my favorites. My mom used to make handmade macrame plant hangers when I was young... Now they're back in style. I purchased this one from Amazon. It hangs in the corner of my office and is a lovely greeting every time I walk in.    

2. Create new wall art to hang. Refresh your walls by adding new art. Scroll through your phone for some of your favorite photos and have them printed. There are plenty of services that you can upload to, order and receive in a few days. Mpix is my favorite, but there are plenty other sites and apps you can find online. 

You can also repurpose art from old wall calendars, books or magazines. I took this one from a coffee table book I had on kimono designs. Quotes work too. "Good things take time." is one that I like. Select one that resonates with you, play around with handwriting it or printing the quote in a nice font. Frame, hang and you're on your way to creating your own soul haven.

3. Decorate with lights. Our daughters love decorating their room with lights! And I get it. They make everything feel special. Try them around a window, along bookshelves or in a glass vase to create a cozy and magical feel.

4. Add color with throw pillows. If you have a neutral couch, it's easy to change up the look of your room with colorful throw pillows. Add bright yellows, oranges or greens for spring and summer. Then switch to navy or deep browns for the cooler months.

The art in your home doesn't have to be limited to your walls. Get inspired by imagery and textures. And if you have a sewing machine, pull colorful scarves or old sweaters and make your own. Here are instructions if you're up for it.

No sewing machine? Check out our shop for a beautiful selection.

5. Create a sacred space. We all need the space to reflect and care for ourselves, especially during uncertain times. Whether you have a windowsill or an entire room, set it up with objects that are special to you: cherished photographs, crystals, fresh flowers, incense, and candles. Make it a comfortable and inviting space you want to visit at the beginning and the end of the day. In the morning, spend some time with a lit candle or incense, sitting still and setting intentions for your day. At night, relax in your space while giving thanks for whatever you're grateful for from that day.

I hope some of these tips helps you bring some light and ease into your life. Let me know if you try one and how it turns out. Share your photos and tag us at #dawsonclarke and #addingbeautyeveryday.

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