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Where Have You Been?

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

My latest piece set to release May 8, 2020 is entitled, I've Been Here Before. It’s a visual fusion of a where I’ve been and who I am. As a sort of sneak peek, I’ll share a brief description of the artwork in words.

There is a path, I’ve walked countless times before. I’ve passed through alone. I’ve ran by with friends on summer afternoons when our only goal was to have fun. I’ve strolled that way on evenings with my sister during long conversations, as we watched the orange, pink sun go down. 

In my new work, my Japanese heritage from my mom is represented. My roots from growing up in Oakland creates the setting. And you’ll find some of my daddy’s southern influence in there too. All mixed in... kinda like a gumbo.

This piece is the second of my Shirasawa series (Shirasawa is my mother's maiden name), with many more to come.

I'm so excited to share it with you! I hope you enjoy it and find something special in it that speaks to you... And who knows, maybe it will remind you of somewhere you’ve been before. 

Thank you for reading. Be on the lookout for the announcement email of I've Been Here Before or follow me on Instagram (@dawsonclarke_nyc) for the latest updates. And don't forget to tag us at #dawsonclarke and #addingbeautyeveryday.

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